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Is Squarespace right for me?

The vast majority of local, personal and small-to-mid-sized business websites can be built on Squarespace.

It’s a perfect fit for sole proprietors, retail shops, private practices, restaurants, industrial companies, professional services firms, fitness studios, personal portfolios, non-profits, and more. 

Why not DIY?

Even for non-technical business owners and marketing managers, Squarespace templates are very user-friendly. So you might ask… why not just DIY it?

Quality and time.

Entrusting your project to a Squarespace expert will make the difference between a C+/B- website — one that looks just like so many other sites and doesn’t quite function how you want it to — and an A site that will win over new customers and always serve its core purpose.

No matter how intuitive it is, Squarespace takes a while to get a handle on. And beyond building the site, the technicalities of launching it (i.e. DNS, prior hosting contracts, email, redirects, etc.) can pose many unanticipated challenges. Outsourcing this work to a freelancer will save you countless hours of trial, error, and frustration.

Should I consider a larger agency?

In the right hands, websites designed by Squarespace specialist can easily surpass the quality of the typical work that digital agencies charge over five figures for.

And since Squarespace sites don’t require custom web development and complicated integrations, they are attainable at a fraction of the cost of sites built on other platforms like WordPress. They also come without any of the technical support headaches of the average site. 


Most of the sites I launch run between $750 and $4,000.

In many cases, content writing and search engine optimization are included in this range.

I also provide ongoing Squarespace support, training and maintenance to all customers — the last thing I want to do is dump a website on a business owner that has no idea how to update it (note: in addition to being Squarespace Circle Member certified, my Squarespace Authorized Trainer status is pending).

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