Purchasing decisions are irrationally influenced by your ability to talk the talk

Why You Need Good Copywriting

Your messaging on web pages, in product sheets, and on social media can make or break a customer’s perception of your business.

If you manage a small business, a website with strong, optimized content and a modern look-and-feel can level the playing field against much larger competition. If you run a larger organization, on the other hand, great content marketing can help level smaller competitors online. 

So if you're anything less than confident when you send prospective customers a link to your website — or, if you second-guess your advertisements when you see them online, in a magazine, or hear them on the radio — then it's time for a change.

If you're not happy with how your business is being positioned or advertised, why wait?

My Approach

The catchphrase if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough has been recycled forever in marketing contexts – for good reason. Too many business websites are littered with typos and poor punctuation, half-baked value propositions, excessive buzzwords, and, in B2B circles, a*fluffiness* that reveals a lot about the writer’s understanding of the product or service being advertised.

Copywriting for businesses is all about striking the right balance between simplicity and specificity and convention and creativity.

It's about strongly promoting the advantages your brand, product, or service offers without pretension or cockiness. It's about explaining features, capabilities and specialties with the enthusiasm of a English Lit major and the competency of Technical Writer.

And above all, it's about making sure your business objectives and brand identity align with the content that potential customers and other readers will use to distinguish your organization from others in your industry.