The Whole Package: A New Website & Optimized Content for Better Keyword Rankings, More Traffic & More Business.

Squarespace Sites I've Built:

In the right hands, sites built on Squarespace will not only pass the usual sniff tests of modern web design (clean, professional, fully responsive, etc.) -- they'll actually surpass the aesthetic and functional quality of some of the work that agencies often slap five-figure price tags on.


Although Squarespace templates are incredibly user-friendly (they make WordPress seem difficult by comparison), it still pays to have experience when it comes to shaping the style and cohesion of the final product. That's where web design and digital marketing skills can make all the difference.

All told, seven out of 10 local, small business and personal websites can be built on Squarespace (fully responsive and future-proof) without sacrificing appearance or SEO performance at all. Best of all, Squarespace sites that appear to be high-end are attainable at a fraction of the cost of any other open-source CMS like WordPress or a custom site. And they come without any of the technical support headaches of the average site. 

Most of the sites I launch run between $750 and $2,500.

In most cases, complete content writing and search engine optimization are included in this range.

Squarespace is a perfect fit for sole proprietors, private practices (legal and medical), restaurants, mom and pop stores, retail shops, portfolios, and much more. 

If you want a new site and new content, all I need from you are high quality photographs and bullet point summaries to help with website structuring and content writing. If you only want a new site design, all I need are photos. 

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